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Interior Design Services in Seattle, WA & Beyond

At our core, we are dedicated to crafting spaces that embody our clients' essence and enhance their daily experiences. Our team is driven by a deep appreciation for transforming spaces and a genuine affection for purposeful design. We tailor our services to translate your unique vision into reality, culminating in a home that is aesthetically pleasing, functional, and conducive to family well-being. Our goal is to make the entire journey delightful and smooth, ensuring you enjoy every step towards creating your dream living environment.

Full-Service Interior Design

Focusing on functional floor plans and beautifully refreshed spaces, we expertly oversee every aspect of your project from inception to realization. Our holistic interior design approach emphasizes meticulous attention to detail and home transformations that align seamlessly with your lifestyle, prioritizing functionality and sustainability throughout the process.

Our personalized approach is crafted for each unique client, whether you want to downsize, upsize, or simply refresh your space. We take great care to understand your individuality, values, and lifestyle, guaranteeing that your home reflects your essence and its beauty. Every design is tailored to meet your needs, encompassing paint schemes, flooring options, window treatments, wall coverings, custom cabinetry, furniture selections, and decorative accents. Whatever enhancements your home requires, we offer a comprehensive transformation that ignites inspiration, provides solace, and brings joy.

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Home Refresh

With a personal and intuitive approach centered around your lifestyle, we unlock your space's hidden potential with minimal disruption and maximal impact, giving your home the well-deserved uplift it needs. Oftentimes the smallest updates have the biggest impacts! 

We will enhance your space's comfort, beauty, and functionality with subtle but powerful changes that breathe new life into your surroundings. Together, we will assess your current layout, color scheme, and decor to provide solutions that seamlessly blend form and function. From selecting new paint colors and inviting accessories to the curated selection of furnishings and art, we tailor our designs to optimize and bring new life to your home.

With a collaborative approach, meticulous attention to detail, and deep respect for your home and vision, we will create a space that feels rejuvenated, inviting, and uniquely yours.

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Designer for a Day

Spend the day with us, focused entirely on your space. Walking through your home together, we explore its possibilities and address your design dilemmas, providing expert recommendations tailored to your taste and needs. In addition to home visits, we can also include shopping together to find the perfect pieces for your space.

We will equip you with a comprehensive list of recommendations, from furniture to fixtures, that you can purchase on your timeline. This lets you control when and how you transform your space, with expert advice to guide you. 

We believe that good design should be accessible, transparent, and attainable, so we offer a balanced approach as we guide you on your design journey and provide the tools to bring your vision to life.

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Virtual Design

Experience interior design guidance from the comfort of your space. Our virtual services aim to break down the barriers of traditional design, creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for our clients. We strive to be authentic and approachable in our approach, ensuring that you feel at ease throughout the process.

During virtual consultations, we work together to discuss your space, offer suggestions, provide recommendations, and curate a personalized shopping list for you to implement at your convenience. Our goal is to foster strong and lasting relationships with our clients, no matter the distance, as we are dedicated to transforming your spaces while incorporating your personal style seamlessly.

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How We Work


Discovery Call

Our initial conversation is our opportunity to discuss your ideas & lifestyle and begin imagining the potential of your space. 
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In-home Consultation

During a walk-through of your space, we will discuss your goals and visions in detail, identify the scope of the project, and lay the foundation for the design. 


Once a service agreement has been signed, we kick off your project! We will create floor plans, source samples, make selections and generate initial budgets. 


In this stage, your project begins to take shape. We offer a budget range, captivating mood boards, and the chance for you to make personal selections that reflect your style. 


We order, receive, and store everything needed for your project. Our organized approach includes using a detailed procurement spreadsheet for tracking and delivery schedules. 


Our team expertly stages your home, offering options for you to purchase items that elevate your space. It’s a moment of celebration as your dream space comes to life! 

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm nervous about my budget, is hiring a designer going to be too expensive?

No. Designers are very skilled at managing budgets and know where to splurge and where to save without compromising on aesthetics.  We help you maximize your budget by accessing higher quality products at better prices, saving you in the long run.

Will I be locked into your particular style?

We are trained to work in any style and can listen and accommodate your preferences. If you need help teasing out your style, we'll figure out what that is before the design process begins.

Can you work with my existing contractors?

Yes, we can collaborate with any contractors you're already working with to ensure the design plan is executed well. Paying close attention to how materials are installed so they look right.

What is a Home Refresh?

A home refresh involves updating the look and feel of your space without doing a full renovation. It can include painting, new furniture, or adding decor. A home refresh can be economical to improve your space as we often don't need to purchase everything new.

What is Virtual Design?

Virtual interior design involves working on your space remotely. You send photos and measurements, and we communicate via phone or video chat. This method works best when focusing on 1-2 spaces and can be more economical since you aren't paying for travel time.

How do I communicate my ideas effectively?

You can share photos, fabric samples, colors, or anything else you like with your designer. They'll appreciate your input and use it as inspiration to design a space that feels right for you.

How long with this process take?

The timeline can vary depending on the project's complexity and scope. Your designer will give you an estimated timeline and keep you updated throughout the process. If you are under a deadline, communicate with us up front so we can focus on "quick ship" items.

Mary Pat Mayfield Interior Designer

Let’s Create


Effortless Transformations, Exceptional Results

MP worked with us to design and procure our upper floor and roof deck. She was excellent and highly professional and has excellent taste. Our expectations were exceeded when the furniture and design items started to arrive, which was fantastic. Would recommend MP to everyone.

Bob L.

We purchased a new home and Mary Pat helped us design every room in the house! She was wonderful from start to finish. She walked through the new home with us to strategize what furniture we wanted to purchase from the sellers and walked through our old house to get a feel for our style and what pieces might work in the new space. She then helped us create a wonderfully welcoming and stylish home. Her attention to detail and taste is impeccable. We have received so many compliments on the house and we love it too! She was hugely helpful when dealing with any issues that came up with vendors and delivery schedules and made sure we were completely satisfied with everything.

I would absolutely recommend Mary Pat to anyone looking to furnish new spaces or even help update an old one!

Heather C.

Mary Pat is a joy to work with! Great experience working with her as she leveled up our ski cabin.

Karen L.